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4 Bay Mobile Bulk Filer

2450mmL x 1100mmW x 360/400mmD x 2340mmH

Lockable unit

Standard Metal Finishes available: Folkestone grey (as in picture) or Silver Vein

Different filing options inside


Optional cladding available

Different unit sizes

10-Year Guarantee offered on all Mobile Bulk Filer Units


Laminate cladding

Perforated cladding

Dimple cladding


Standard Shelf

The shelf accommodates 11 Lever Arch Files or 10 A4 Containers filed laterally

Shelf Wire Rack

The Shelf Wire Rack is used to hold Lateral Shelf Files in an upright position or to support Lever Arch Files in an upright position

Security Lock Box

The Security Lock Box is an independently lockable cabinet within a bay

Pull-Out Working Shelf

The Pull0Out Working Shelf is used when referencing documents within the filing bay

Pull-Out Drawer

The Pull-Out Drawer accommodates 9 A4 Containers

A4 Pull-Out Cradle

The A4 Pull-Out Cradle accommodates A4 Hanging Files

Two filing options for the A4 hanging files: three equal rows from front to back or one row from left to right.

Foolscap Pull-Out Cradle

The Foolscap Pull-Out Cradle accommodates Foolscap Hanging Files

The Foolscap Files can only be hanged from left to right

Pull-Out Stationary Drawer

The Pull-Out Stationery Drawer can be used for the storage of stationary, CD’s etc.

The drawer is also lockable

Step Stool with Collapsible Wheel

This product is highly recommended for use within any mobile bulk filing system.

This allows the user easy access to the documents at the top of the bay

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