1. Company Details:

Registration number: 2006/058295/23
Vat registration number: 4740227659
BEE Status: Level 3
Physical Address: 30A King Edward Street, Newton Park, 6001
Postal Address: PO Box 12574, Centrahil, 6006
Office Telephone: 041 373 1039 / 041 373 1065
Cellphone: 083 605 8840 (Marissa)
Fax: 086 688 8018 (Marissa)
E-mail: marissa@sorted.pe (Marissa)

2. Banking Details:

Bankers: ABSA Bank
Branch Code: 632005
Account Number: 406 492 2092
Branch: Port Elizabeth
Account Type: Cheque account

3. Accountant:

Melitta Jordaan (Accounting & Computer Services)

4. Divisions:

1) Office Furniture (Custom-made or Standard with on-site advice and planning)
2) Seating (Office Chairs, Boardroom, Executive to Workshop)
3) Office Equipment & IT (Laptops, Printers, Shredders, Laminators, Whiteboards, etc.)
4) Stationery (Office Stationery, Toners and Ink Cartridges)
5) Filing Solutions : Hardware (Mobile Bulk Filers, Filing Cabinets)
Software (Files – Tidy Files / SFS)
6) Print Shop (Staff Files, Official Forms, Specialised Printing, etc.)
7) Promo Shop (Branded, Clothing, Conference Bags, Pens, etc.)
8) Design & Planning (Plans, Layout and Interior Design)
9) Sofas & Upholstery (Manufactured new to your spec. Upholstery in fabric, leather, etc.)
10) Sundries (3rd party buy-outs, all other product queries)

5. Pricing:

Pricing is subject to on-site evaluation of the client’s needs, therefore pricing is specific to each order. Quotations are free of charge and generally include a visit to the site to ensure the correct specifications.

6. Mission Statement:

“Sorted is committed to assisting our clients in their choices of all office-related products and offering cost-effective solutions with friendly, dedicated personal service.”

7. Vision Statement:

“Sorted will be the leader and preferred supplier of office-related products in Nelson Mandela Bay, through personalised, friendly service and sound advice; offering our clients optimum, cost-effective solutions with integrity and without compromise.”

“The company will be a great place to work for all our staff and they will be encouraged to be the best they can be.”

“In our quest to provide our clients with a wide range of office-related products, we will continue to expand our footprint, sourcing new products and expanding our portfolio to satisfy the needs and desires of our clients and will offer these products for online viewing and ordering on a user-friendly website.”

“A priority is to support local business, building a winning network of customers and suppliers, together creating enduring and mutual value, while helping to build and support sustainable communities.”

“We will be known as a company whose staff can be trusted to always put the needs of their clients first, thereby building trust and fostering sound relationships based on mutual respect.”

Sorted will be a dynamic, highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization, always looking for ways to improve in order to become a unique, sought after, service driven company.”

8. Core Values:

Sorted is committed to the following principles which form the basis of the company’s Core Values;

1. Integrity – We will always act with honesty and honour without compromising the truth.

2. Commitment – We are committed to offering great products, service, and other initiatives that impact lives within and outside the organization. We commit to the quality of our products and employ a “no questions asked” return and replacement policy. We commit to putting the best interests of our clients first.

3. Dependability – Sorted endeavours to be considered a reliable and dependable partner to all our clients and suppliers.

4. Loyalty – We are fiercely loyal to our clients and suppliers and will protect their integrity at all times, ensuring that respect is shown by employees and the organisation at all times.

5. Community – Sorted commits to supporting local business in our quest to contribute to society and demonstrate corporate social responsibility. We will always consider the environment when purchasing and selling goods and also in the execution of our daily business responsibilities.

6. Diversity – We respect the diversity of cultures in South Africa and endeavour to support previously disadvantaged communities by focussing our attention on local suppliers as far as possible. As we grow, preference will be given to BEE appointments.

7. Empowerment – We encourage employees to take initiative and give of their best, both to the organisation, as well as to our clients. We adopt an error-embracing environment to empower employees to lead and make decisions.

8. Excellence – We are committed to offering excellence in all our business dealings, giving our clients the very best that we have to offer at all times.

9. Open-minded – We are open to criticism and welcome positive input from all sectors of our industry, clients, suppliers and competitors, to help us grow positively in our quest for excellence.

10. Accountability – We acknowledge and accept responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies, both as a company and as employees.

11. Ownership – We will take care of the company and clients as if they are our own.

12. Safety – We will ensure the health and safety of all our employees, going beyond any legal requirements to provide an accident-free workplace.

9. References:

1) Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
Contact: Andre Loxton
(041) 392 4332 / 079 490 0110

2) Transnet Engineering
Contact: Morris Thuysma
(041) 994 2510 / 083 399 8644

3) Design Space (Interior Designer)
Contact: Danique
(041) 368 9245/082 716 6982

4) Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Contact: Ramani Somiah 
(041) 504 2471

Alta de Beer
(041) 504 2873

Rosa du Randt
(041) 504 4338

5) San Miguel
Contact: Amanda du Toit
(041) 368 9015

6) B & E Conference Centre
Contact: Melissa Palmer
(041) 404 2435/ 082 437 7600

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